Outsourced credit management and
bookkeeping services that put cash
in the bank and help you keep your
business on track.




Query Management provide outsourced credit management services and bookkeeping, taking over those vital back-office tasks you simply don’t have the time or resources to handle effectively in-house. If you're struggling to get paid or finding it hard to keep on top of the books, we can help.


Why choose us?

Because we have a successful credit management service formula based on procedures, persistence and – very importantly – being nice to people.  It’s the best way to get results. And because we treat your debtors as the valued customers they are, you can be confident your business relationships are safe and future business is protected.

Whether you’re looking to improve cash flow, get your books sorted out, or both, you’ll find we deliver a friendly, efficient and consistent service that helps put you in control of your cash and your business. 



Outsourced Credit Control

Our job is to get your money in earlier and reduce the risk of bad debt. Success guaranteed - if we don't reduce your debtor days within three months, you pay nothing.































Cloud-Based Bookkeeping

Get up-to-date financial information at the click of a mouse, with cloud-based Xero bookkeeping by our experienced bookkeepers.






























Debt Recovery

If you're facing a bad debt in your business and need urgent help, talk to us today. The sooner we get to work the better your chances of seeing your money.



















Bespoke Services

Bespoke support services from people who know your business and your customers.